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Fido’s Top 5 Best Selling Pet Ramps

Hi my name is Fido, and this tan beauty is my girlfriend Daisy . Today we would like to talk to you about the importance of having pet ramps.

Several studies have found that jumping or even climbing puts a lot of stress on your dog’s joints because their front paws, legs and backs are not designed to sustain the shock of impact like humans do.

Did you know that every time your dog climbs and jumps up and down from your car, sofa or bed it increases their risk of experiencing joint pain and develop painful arthritis later in their lives. Specially in dogs that have long torsos like us Dachshunds and other Hounds with short legs and long bodies. But Over all, every dog breeds large or small should have a dog ramp from the time they are  puppies until they are seniors.

 It is suggested by veterinarians that you train your dog to use a ramp when it’s younger, so that it doesn’t have to jump & climb at all, preventing joint & hip problems when they are older because it diminishes your pets quality of life.

As a pup I loved to jump in and out of the car, up and down the couch. Then when I wanted to jump on the bed to go cuddle with my mom the bed was just to high.

So one afternoon my mom wasn’t feeling so good, so she went to take a nap in her bed. She picked me up and put me up on the bed, so I can console her to get better. I fell asleep fast and started dreaming I was a bigger dog with long legs. Like my dad’s other dog Fido the Great Dane he was so big and tall he could go up & down the bed no problem.

All of a sudden, thump, bang, crash!! I was sleep walking again. I fell off mom’s bed and hurt my front paw and my back. Ouch!! From then on my jumping days where over.

Did you also know that, most pet ramps on the market now are specially designed with a special incline that keeps your dog’s spine in perfect alignment reducing overall stress on your pets entire body.

On a different note, using dog ramps can also help your owners. The most common example is pet owners with SUV’s, high trucks and medium sized dogs. If your dog cannot get into the back of your car, it means they have to pick him up and help him into the vehicle. Doing so on a regular basis places a lot of unnecessary stress on your owners back and joints.

Ever since my accident mom and dad have researched the Top 5 Best Selling Pet Ramps for all your pets needs.

Here to help me demonstrate these Top 5 Best Selling Pet Ramps, is our good friend Curly. His real name is Red but we call him Curly.

Take it away Curly.


Pet Gear Bi Fold Pet Ramp

Pet Gear Bi Fold Pet Ramp

Our Pet Gear Bi Fold Ramp with supertraX gives your dog easy access to your vehicle and hard to reach places. The  rubber grippers on the bottom keeps your ramp in a secure position. The lightweight ramp with “safety first” built-in carry handle fold in half for easy transport and storage. The supertraX mat is soft, and pressure-activated to give your dog a secure grip providing him                sure-footing for his safety.


  • Safe For pets up to 150 lb.
  • Ramp folds in half with a built-in carry handle
  • Safety tether included for securing ramp to most vehicles
  • Raised edges help prevent pet from slipping off side
  • This Pet Gear Ramp has rubber grippers for safety
  • Soft Removable mat for easy cleaning
  • Our Bifold Pet Ramp Allows your pet easy & secure access to get into your vehicle

Item Specifications:


66″Long x 16″Wide x 4″High



Ultra-Lite Free-Standing Pet Ramp

Ultra-Lite Free-Standing Pet Ramp

Our Pet Gear’s patent pending design includes a “foot” on the bottom of the ramp which reduces the Incline, making it less steep and much easier for your pet to climb than most other ramps sold on the market. Our new Ultra-Lite Free-Standing Ramp is our lightest ramp, making it so easy to travel with your pet. Plus it does not need to rest on your vehicle or damage your furniture. It also features a removable supertraX mat that provides a pressure activated grip that let’s your pets’ paws grip into the mat, providing secure-footing and safety. This soft mat is removable for easy cleaning. Ramp legs fold for easy storage and portability.


  • Ultra-lightweight, is only 13lbs
  • Fully self supporting, does not need to rest on furniture or vehicle
  • Sure-footing because of our Pressure activated grip
  • Supertrax mat is easily removed for easy cleaning
  • Supertrax mat is soft, protects auto interiors and pets’ paws


Travel Lite Reflective Dog Ramp Tri-Fold

Travel Lite Reflective Tri-Fold Dog Ramp

Our Travel Lite Reflective Tri Fold Dog Ramp assures your pet’s up to 200 lbs confidence when getting in and out of your vehicle or when reaching hard-to-reach places. The highly visible, reflectors safely guides your dog up and down the ramp, while having a skid-resistant surface that will keep your dog from slipping even in the rain. The highly visible side reflectors for increase visibility, along with the bottom rubber  grippers assures stability and safety.  Travel Lite Ramps with carry handle are easily folded  for transportation and storage.


  • High-visibility reflective material will guide your pet up to 200lbs
  • Side reflectors on our  Travel Lite Ramp safely allow for maximum visibility when in use
  • Slip-resistant surface give your pet sure footing
  • Rubber grippers on bottom assures ramp stability
  • Easy folding for compact storage
  • Built-in carry handle
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Item Specifications:



For pets up to 200 lb

Tri-Fold: 71″Long x 16″Wide x 4″High.


Travel Lite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp

Travel Lite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp

If you’re looking for the perfect side door Pet Ramp For Dogs look no further. This ramp is a bi-fold with a built in handle for easy portability. The rubber grippers on the bottom of the ramp help keep it steady during operation.  Our Travel Lite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp  includes a slip resistance surface that gives your dog a secure footing providing less stress for your pet.  Carrying and storage made easy with the built in carry handle. This ramp folds up easily for compact storage and great to take anywhere you may need for loading and unloading your pet.


  • Measures 42 x 16 x 4-inches
  • Use for heights up to 20-inches
  • Allows your pet easy access to hard to reach places
  • Safe and secure slip resistant footing

Free Standing Extra Wide Pet Ramp

Free Standing Extra Wide Pet Ramp

Our Free-Standing Extra Wide Pet Ramp Carpeted with SupertraX was designed for owners of Big Pets. Support panels where added for extra sturdiness of the ramp, plus raised edges with a soft carpeted tread that provides sure-footing which is removable for quick and easy cleaning. This free-standing design ramp never has to be touching your vehicle or furniture preventing damages to property. Ramp folds into a compact size for quick storage and mobility.


  • Excellent for SUV’s and Bed
  • Constructed for pets up to 300 pounds
  • Folds so easily for compact storage
  • Rubberized bottom grippers that safely secures ramp when positioned
  • SupertraX tread is soft to the touch and prevents slipping
  •  SupertraX is removable for easy cleaning