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Fido and Daisy just love puppies and they want to make sure that your new little fur baby has just what they need to always be by your side. Our pet stairs are perfect for older dogs with joint pain, and dogs that can no longer jump on the couch or get in the back of a pick-up. But, they are also perfect for that adorable puppy that you have just brought home. Put a set of our soft pet stairs next to the couch, so that your puppy can get up on their own. You can put a set at the end of your bed so that your new fur baby can get on the bed to snuggle. Our puppy stairs give all little ones the safety and independence that they want and need to be able to get where they want to be; next to you. Fido’s offer various sizes, colors, and materials. This ensures that you will find that perfect set of puppy stairs. 

Fido and Daisy highly recommend the pet stair bed with storage. This way you can store their toys at night and they have a place to sleep if you don’t want them on the bed or couch. But, they can still be close to you. We have products that will accommodate HUGE Mastiffs as well as TINY Pomeranians. We have puppy stairs that have grip, so they will not slide off. Fido’s offers puppy steps with wide and extra-wide widths to make it easier for the bigger dogs. No matter what kind of puppy stairs you are looking for, Fido’s Pet Store will make sure you receive them. Fido and Daisy, along with our superb customer service representatives, want our customers to be happy and satisfied with our products. Check out our products and call or email us with any questions.